This document describes the terms of use and how your privacy is protected while using services provided by By visiting or using the provided services, you are accepting the terms described below.

We only collect what’s necessary to provide you with this service and maintain our analytics.

By the nature of this service, captures some of your personal information, such as phone numbers and conversation recordings. Your online sessions are tagged with cookies in order to keep you securely logged into your account.

We also use the following analytics and payment processing services to improve the service we provide to you. You can read their respective privacy policies here:

Your data is used very limitedly.

All the information that we collect is only used for two purposes:

  1. To provide you with the service you expected.
  2. To improve the services that we provide to you.

We do not use any of the data with any other intents or malicious purposes.

We do not share your data.

We only share parts of your data with highly secure analytics platforms such as Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Mouseflow, and payment processing service Stripe.

YOUR RECORDINGS ARE NOT SHARED. Your recordings are yours, and yours only. The only exception is when obligated by law enforcement. In this case, we would ensure that all official documents are in place, and disclose minimal required information.

Recordings deletion.

If you simply delete your recordings in your account, your recording will be COMPLETELY DELETED FROM ALL OF OUR SERVERS. In this case, it will be IMPOSSIBLE TO RESTORE your conversations for anyone, including law enforcement.

Simply put, if you want to eliminate the minimal possibility of any official access to your recordings, download a copy and delete the original in your account.

Cancellation policy.

You can cancel your subscription in your profile at any time. The subscription will be cancelled immediately after your confirmation. Unfortunately, we do not issue any refunds, including unused subscription credit.

If your scheduled payment does not go through after 5 attempts, your subscription will be automatically canceled.


We do not allow EU residents to use our service. If you reside in EU or any other country that places restrictions on the use of personal information,, please do not use our service.

Legality of the recordings.

It is your responsibility to obtain a legal right to record voice conversations using Check your local laws before using our service. We do not guarantee any legal permissions or legal use of our service.


This document may be updated. If we do so, we will place a note in your account.