The Easiest Way
to Record Calls


3-Way Call or Text 314.666.7777
to begin recording calls today!

Available for Iphone and Android


How to Record Calls
on Your IPhone

Tap “add call”
and choose the recipient
Tap “merge calls”
and enjoy your conversation
You'll receive a text message
with your recording after you
hang up
3-way-Call or text 314.666.7777

Why people love us

I was scratching my head looking for an easy solution to recording phone interviews. When I found out about Recording Line, I thought it couldn't be as easy as advertised - I was wrong! Recording Line is incredibly simple to use and I recommended this service to anyone and everyone!

— Xav S.

Your service lets me remember important conversations easily. It’s easy to use, AND discreet!

— Barbara C.

I searched everywhere to find out how to record phone calls with my iPhone, and couldn’t find any solutions. With this phone number, all I have to do is call and I can begin recording, anytime and anywhere!

— Paul S.

Works very well! Your company has changed the way I record calls for work, and for personal use.

— Dena L.

This phone number is magic! It even works on my old BlackBerry!

— Phillip K.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any cost to using this service?

First time users will be given ten minutes of complimentary recordings. After ten minutes, continue recording an unlimited number of calls for just $9.99/month or $99.99/year. Included with your subscription:

  • Unlimited recordings
  • Recordings up to 3 hours per call
  • Secure cloud storage of your recordings
  • Access your recordings online anytime

How long can each recording be?

Recording Line can record calls up to three hours long. Need to record a longer call? After three hours, simply hang up and place the call again to continue recording.

Can I start a recording during a phone call?

You can record calls before AND during phone conversations.
Here’s how:

1. Call 314.666.7777
2. Tap “Add Call” and select the recipient you wish to record.
3. Tap “Merge Calls” to begin recording.
4. Once you hang up, you will receive a text with a link to your recording.

1. Tap “Add Call” during your phone call.
2. Dial 314.666.7777
3. Tap “Merge Calls” to begin recording.
4. Once you hang up, you will receive a text with a link to your recording.

What if my phone doesn’t support 3-way calling?

If your phone does not support 3-way calling, you can still initiate a recording by texting 314.666.7777 with the phone number you wish to record.

You will receive a phone call from 314.666.7777 after sending us a text. Once you answer this call, we will connect you with your recipient using your caller ID, and recording will begin.

Will my phone support this service?

This service works with any phone that supports 3-way calling or text messaging.

Where can I find the Terms of Services and Privacy Policy?


Can I record calls outside of the U.S?

Yes! To record calls outside of the U.S, simply choose your country and follow the instructions above.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription in your profile here:

How do I contact support?

We only provide support via text message 314.666.7777